Tobias Olney, the occasional artist

 Born in 1967, Tobias Olney draws his inspiration from the sun-drenched faces and waving palms of Kailua Koan, where he swims, runs, and cycles every day, as well as the many places around the world he travels, from California to Germany to Estonia or maybe Portugal-- we shall see. 

When you ask him what his favorite painting is, he always gives the same answer...

He commits to canvas a love for light and color, sometimes wistful, sometimes with a bit of mischief, and sometimes drawing on the tension between the two.

He's had several exhibitions in Berlin and Australia 2014-2016, and most recently completed a 100-portrait sketch series in 2019. There was a plan to repeat this in 2020, but...

When you ask him what his favorite art piece is, he always gives the same answer: "The one I'm creating next!"

Latest Work

Completed April 2016

""Overgrown Bicycle" Berlin, Germany 30x30 cm Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas "Rock Lake"

30x40cm Acrylic on Canvas

'Radio Flyer' 40cm x 60cm acrylic on canvas"Radio FLyer" 
40x60cm Acrylic on Canvas


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